About GlamZone

GlamZone is a constantly evolving innovative beauty-oriented store dedicated to bringing you the best in cruelty-free cosmetics. We’re all about affordability, fashion and encourage our customers to make the most out of makeup by offering the best makeup brands in the world. We don’t just follow the trends. We create them.

Our offered brands give endless choices to accommodate different customers’ needs and color range. We acknowledge that every single person is unique and we are each in control of our own beauty destiny. Beauty Under Your Influence.

Its never too late to Celebrate Your Beauty with GlamZone!

About Astra Make-Up

Astra Make-Up began in Todi, Italy in 1988, from the dream of chemist-pharmacist Giuliano Settimi to setup his own cosmetic brand.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of his son Simone Settimi, current Director-General and the determination of his wife Lucia Menghella, CEO, the company has grown with experience and passion, by combining creativity, innovation and a purely Italian love for cosmetic products.

The professional core of Astra Make-Up is a team that works in synergy and cohesion, which has allowed the brand to establish on a highly competitive market.

Astra Make-Up is to state ones uniqueness, always!

Astra Make-Up is a solid, steadily growing brand that aspire to become the essential ally of every woman that desires to express her personality and wants to free her inner creativity, emphasizing her charm.

Astra Make-Up is a daily luxury that is affordable to everyone, in which quality, experience and passion result in a purely Italian history of constant cosmetic innovation.

We want to offer our consumers a wide range of beauty tools that can become essential in their beauty routine at a reasonable price.

Colors, textures and formulas that represent the dynamism of current trends and the iconic essential must-haves in every woman’s vanity case are the heart of the brand that calls upon consumers to feel themselves, unique, free.